Month: September 2018

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013

It is a well established fact that empowered women are key to the nation’s overall development. Having a safe workplace is a woman’s legal right and leads to a positive impact on their participation in the workforce and increases their productivity, which in turn benefits the nation as a whole. Awareness on women’s rights especially […]

Women on News !

Indian Official At ‘UN Women’ Dismissed Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct

A Vibrant Trainer, Mentor & Coach :)

Rohini Khuller Founder and Director, Turning Point Learning Private Limited Born in 1964, elder of the two sisters, with a father in the Merchant Navy, took on a lot of ungirl like tasks since her childhood days. Learnt how to operate a saw and cut wood neatly, learnt to use an electric drill, do common […]

Women Entrepreneurs – The Pad Women of India

Do you know these PAD WOMEN ? Nisha Bains, 42, founder, Purganics, Mumbai Deepanjali Dalmia, 26, founder, Heyday Care, Delhi Tanvi Johri, 26, founder, Carmesi, Mumbai An article worth sharing with the women around.. Read the interesting article on:-…/20180402-natural-biodegradable-… Even as Arunachalam Muruganantham Is lauded as India’s padman, we highlight other […]

A Successful Businesswoman

Arti Pandey Managing Director, Rio –Learning Having been born to a modest middle class family in a small town in the mountains, there were obvious expectations attached to her, and for some time she too believed in them. She was to be a doctor. Then she came to Delhi for her graduation. The big city […]

A Tribute to the Magnificent, Sensuous and Versatile Lady Superstar, Sridevi

Sitting in a small corner watching live funeral on zee news, I am unable to stop my tears rolling down my face accepting the fact that that we will never see the magnificent lady actor again. I have always loved her acting but never realized that the connect could be this deeper. What a grand […]

For You Woman !

“Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly.” There is no force more powerful than a Woman Determined to Rise; she creates her identity, loves and nurtures her loved ones. We often come across multiple heroic stories of women within our network of family and friends, which go […]

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