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A Vibrant Trainer, Mentor & Coach :)

Rohini Khuller Founder and Director, Turning Point Learning Private Limited Born in 1964, elder of the two sisters, with a father in the Merchant Navy, took on a lot of ungirl like tasks since her childhood days. Learnt how to operate a saw and cut wood neatly, learnt to use an electric drill, do common […]

A Successful Businesswoman

Arti Pandey Managing Director, Rio –Learning Having been born to a modest middle class family in a small town in the mountains, there were obvious expectations attached to her, and for some time she too believed in them. She was to be a doctor. Then she came to Delhi for her graduation. The big city […]

A Tribute to the Magnificent, Sensuous and Versatile Lady Superstar, Sridevi

Sitting in a small corner watching live funeral on zee news, I am unable to stop my tears rolling down my face accepting the fact that that we will never see the magnificent lady actor again. I have always loved her acting but never realized that the connect could be this deeper. What a grand […]

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